At Big’s our beers and brewing style can best be described as  “Workman like”. We craft all of our beers with the highest quality ingredients to be delicious not only on their own but to pair perfectly with our BBQ menu.
Through local sourcing and traditional craft brewing techniques, we strive to create a complete experience for your pallet.
We also have hard cider and our own root beer on tap that we brew regularly. 
We are able to can fresh beers for you at the restaurant!

 – Alcohol By Volume
SRM – Measure of Color: lower the number the lighter the color
IBU – International Bittering Unit: measures the levels of hops in a beer

Our lightest selection, perfect for those that want something light yet flavorful

ABV:5%      SRM:4       IBU:13

Slightly darker ale with a lightly fruity aroma and crisp finish, perfect with the BBQ Pie

ABV:5.5%        SRM:14           IBU:21

Raspberry sweetness with the refreshing crispness of a sour ale

ABV:4.8%        SRM:Pink          IBU:0

A malt-forward ale brewed to be the perfect piece of bread with your meal

ABV5.3%:        SRM:24          IBU:48

Beautiful amber ale with a touch of Iowa hops, pairs incredibly well with anything on the menu

ABV:5%        SRM:18          IBU:19

A light refreshing hop forward ale that can be drank all day

ABV:5.5%      SRM:4        IBU:35

An easy drinking German Oktoberfest Bier, with just a hint of Noble Hops

ABV:6.5%        SRM:7          IBU:24


The smooth texture and aroma hop forward nature of this one make it supremely drinkable and delicious with the entire BBQ menu

ABV:8%        SRM:5         IBU:35

 A rich malty beer brewed to embody the classic Oktoberfest experience

ABV:7%        SRM:14          IBU:28

Apple Pie – Apple Pie Inspired

Lemon Haze – Lemon Marange Pie Inspired

Shandy –  Lemon Haze and Yaller